History Channel Admits U.S. Banks Funded The Third Reich

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It should be noted that this clip doesn’t mention Prescott Bush,George W’s grandfather,who was an American banker that loaned money to the Nazis.



The “Talmud of Immanuel” is a hoax.

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(illuminazi who I described as a disinfo agent in an earlier blog has changed his name to siriusAhole on the infowars network but his tactics continue.He is constently refering to this document to prove that Chrisitianity is false but it is painfully clear to any sane person that it is a hoax read this blog and see for yourself.)



This book is the work of “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier who was born in Bülach, Switzerland in 1937. His rather obvious Biblical hoax has all the usual characteristics: no manuscript is available, the text only exists in modern translations, the “find story” is unlikely, and it contains anachronisms and obvious “prophecies after the event”. I find it interesting because it’s such a typical and predictable late-20th century Biblical hoax.

Meier makes extensive use of conspiracy theories to explain away the “holes in the script” — see “Hoax Characteristics”. Apparently, the conspiracy in this case consists of powerful Jewish and Christian leaders who are able to control police forces in the Middle East, as well as the Israeli army. The Mossad (Israeli intelligence) are part of it, capable of assassinating people anywhere on the Earth without leaving a trace. And so on.

Meier and his followers insist on misspelling “Immanuel” with an initial J instead of an I. The stated reason is that he was commanded to do so by space aliens. In my text, I refer to the manuscript as “TJ”.

Find story

The manuscript is said to have been found in 1963 by a “Greek catholic priest” (the terminology is uncertain, it might mean an Orthodox priest, or perhaps a Uniate, i.e. Eastern rite but Roman Catholic allegiance, I don’t know which) by the name Rashid. It was found in a hidden cave. Meier claims to have visited the cave with his friend Rashid. The two friends excavated it and found evidence supporting the genuineness of the manuscript. The manuscript consisted of four scrolls written in Aramaic. Rashid translated most of the text, which took until 1974. During the work, Rashid was persecuted by “the church” and Jews who were out to stop the publication of the manuscript. He was forced to flee from Jerusalem to Lebanon. The Palestinian refugee camp where he lived with his family was then subjected to a massive attack by Israeli military forces. The scrolls were taken by the Israelis and probably burned. Rashid found shelter in Bagdad, where he was subsequently assassinated by Israeli agents in 1977.

Some questions are pertinent to this find story:

  1. The location of the cave is not given. Why?
  2. Why are there no records of the alleged excavation, and no information about what finds were made and how (in what scientific way) they supported the genuineness of the alleged scrolls?
  3. Why are we not given any information about Rashid? What was his full name? Where was he ordained? Under which bishop did he serve as a priest? The churches keep records which should verify at least that he existed.
  4. The letter from Rashid speaks of him travelling with his family. Where are they today? They ought to be able to verify some of the information about him.
  5. At which university did Rashid learn Aramaic? Universities keep records, so we should be able to verify not only that Rashid existed but also what subjects he studied.
  6. How did Rashid get to know Eduard Meier? Why did he select Meier and no-one else as his coworker in the manuscript publishing?
  7. Since he had the scrolls for 11 years, why did he not make a single photograph or xerox copy of them?
  8. How did “the church” and the Jews find out about his manuscript find?
  9. How could the “church” or the Jews know that the scrolls contained material that would be damaging to their religions, when not an iota of the material had been published and the only two people who had seen the scrolls were Rashid and Meier?
  10. Is it consistent with what we know of church and Israeli behaviour in other cases when faced with other manuscript finds, that they try to suppress them or murder the finders?

The answer to all these questions is simple and obvious. The cave, Rashid and the scrolls never existed.


The manuscript

According to the accompanying information, the document was written by Judas Iskarioth, the only true disciple of Jesus. All the Biblical gospels are fakes, censored to fit in with church dogma. The first of these forgeries is the gospel of Matthew, which is an altered version of Meier’s scrolls. In reality, this means that Meier has simply re-written the gospel of St Matthew to fit his own ideas. He borrows freely from other hoaxes and his own special contribution is the information that the events in Jesus’ life were orchestrated by aliens from another planet.

The text has a clear anti-Christian leaning, denying most of the central Christian teachings and putting words to that effect in Jesus’ mouth. This is even more outspoken in Meier’s own commentary to the text, where he expresses abject hate for the Christian religion, accusing churches of being power-hungry, ruthless, loveless, bloodthirsty oppressors. In Meier’s opinion, the purpose of the Bible isto hide the real truth about Jesus and fool people into obedience for ecclesiastical authorities, whereas the real Jesus was the son of a human woman and a space alien. Several passages in the text are obviously intended to explain away certain Christian ideas, e.g. the story of Saulus and his conversion which is dealt with at length in this “original gospel” whereas the story actually belongs in the Acts of the Apostles, written by Luke. Other characteristics of the text are also typical for hoaxes, e.g.

  • Jesus travelled to India before his work in Palestine.
  • Jesus did not die on the cross.
  • After fleeing the grave, Jesus again travelled to India.
  • The Essenes are said to be a secret order. (Here, they seek to enroll Jesus who declines to join.)
  • Jesus preaches reincarnation.

There are plenty of anachronisms, e.g.

  • “The laws of nature”, a concept formulated in renaissance times.
  • “The horn-bearing kings” denotes the peoples of Scandinavia, later Vikings — who did not wear horns at all.
  • “Five hundred million” and other large numbers occur; ancient texts never mention such large numbers, anything beyond a hundred thousand or so is “a myriad” or “countless as the stars”.
  • The appearance of Muhammed is predicted, by name. He will appear in 500 years from now, says Jesus. This is radically different from all OT and NT prophecies which are never that precise. The prophecies about Jesus, for instance, do not say anything about the time distance from the prophecy to its fulfillment, nor do they give his name or address. Clearly, this is a prophecy after the event.
  • Other prophecies after the event are abundant, e.g. the Second World War and bomb planes.

Any further analysis of the TJ text is quite superfluous. Even a cursory glance reveals that it has all the characteristics of a hoax, and wherever a more in-depth analysis is attempted, the forgery merely becomes more obvious. However, if you want some fun, do look at the next subject too, where retired professor Jim Deardorff tries to prove that TJ is a genuine manuscript, and fails in a rather spectacular way!

Transhumanism-The New Eugenics?

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(Unfortunately I am putting the blog “The Elites cult of Death” on hold.Theres just so much data to go through.Anyway enjoy this article from: counciloftruth.com)



What is it to be human? With the advent of modern technology, humanity as we know it may be on the road to extinction. We ask, just how long do we have left?


There was a time when humanity was considered the pinnacle of creation. We were made in God’s image and the Earth was considered to be the centre of the universe. That all changed after the Enlightenment period. Humanity was no longer perceived to be apex of all creation, but rather, an unintentional glitch in the vastness of the universe.
 The Enlightenment ideal that humanity could build a better future for itself through the use of scientific endeavour and discovery has now led to the rise of the transhumanism philosophical framework.

What is Transhumanism?

Julian Huxley first coined the term, “transhumanism”, in the 1950’s. Huxley was the first director of UNESCO and brother of author Aldous, who wrote the science fiction novel, “A Brave New World”

Julian Huxley was also a keen proponent of eugenics and it is fitting that that he was the first to use the term “transhumanism” as it is merely a variant of eugenics doctrine that he so heavily endorsed.

But what exactly is transhumanism? Transhumanism can loosely be described as physical and mental enhancement of humanity through technology. Transhumanist thinkers want to eradicate what they consider to be undesirable aspects of human nature, such as, aging, suffering, disease and even death. From the transhumanism.org website:

“The enhancement options being discussed include radical extension of human health-span, eradication of disease, elimination of unnecessary suffering, and augmentation of human intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities.”

{mosregread}Transhumanism and the link to eugenics

While on the surface, transhumanism appears to have noble motives, on closer inspection, one begins to understand just how closely aligned it is to eugenics. A simple definition of eugenics is “selective breeding”. Instead of using technology, proponents of eugenics want to eradicate what they consider to be the undesirable aspects of humanity through selective breeding. From the Eugenics Archive site:

“Eugenics was, quite literally, an effort to breed better human beings – by encouraging the reproduction of people with “good” genes and discouraging those with “bad” genes. Eugenicists effectively lobbied for social legislation to keep racial and ethnic groups separate, to restrict immigration from southern and eastern Europe, and to sterilize people considered “genetically unfit.”

Now consider the similarities between the passage above and the Transhumanist values written by Nick Bostrom:

“Transhumanists view human nature as a work-in-progress, a half-baked beginning that we can learn to remold in desirable ways. Current humanity need not be the endpoint of evolution. Transhumanists hope that by responsible use of science, technology, and other rational means we shall eventually manage to become posthuman, beings with vastly greater capacities than present human beings have.”

Both the transhumanist and eugenics movements see humanity as imperfect and as a work-in-progress. The Enlightenment notion of perfecting humanity through science is prevalent in both movements. While humanity has certainly benefited from technological and scientific advancements since the Enlightenment, the most worrying aspect of transhumanism, like eugenics before it, is that “undesirable” traits of humanity must be exterminated before humanity can be considered as perfect. Who decides what are undesirable traits? Well, like eugenics, a scientific “elite” will be the ones to decide what is “undesirable”. From the transhumanism.org FAQ:

“Initially, however, the greatest advantages will go to those who have the resources, the skills, and the willingness to learn to use new tools. One can speculate that some technologies may cause social inequalities to widen. For example, if some form of intelligence amplification becomes available, it may at first be so expensive that only the wealthiest can afford it. The same could happen when we learn how to genetically enhance our children. Those who are already well off would become smarter and make even more money. This phenomenon is not new. Rich parents send their kids to better schools and provide them with resources such as personal connections and information technology that may not be available to the less privileged. Such advantages lead to greater earnings later in life and serve to increase social inequalities.”

So here the transhumanists readily admit that their movement will exacerbate social inequalities and, once again, the fate of humanity will be left in the hands of a small elite. And yes, while the new technology that is invented will see the price of older technology eventually fall, who can say for certain that the once the elite have access to the technology they will even allow this technology to be used by anybody else? From the transhumanism.org website:

“What about the hypothetical case in which someone intends to create, or turn themselves into, a being of so radically enhanced capacities that a single one or a small group of such individuals would be capable of taking over the planet? This is clearly not a situation that is likely to arise in the imminent future, but one can imagine that, perhaps in a few decades, the prospective creation of superintelligent machines could raise this kind of concern. The would-be creator of a new life form with such surpassing capabilities would have an obligation to ensure that the proposed being is free from psychopathic tendencies and, more generally, that it has humane inclinations. For example, a superintelligence should be built with a clear goal structure that has friendliness to humans as its top goal. Before running such a program, the builders of a superintelligence should be required to make a strong case that launching it would be safer than alternative courses of action.”

So according to the transhumanists, we should trust them, as they have an “obligation to ensure that the proposed being is free from psychopathic tendencies”. But who has the access to this technology? The future of humanity could be left to the whim of a scientific and rich elite. Maybe scientists like, Dr Pianka, who according to reports, advocated the killing of 90% of world’s populationthrough the ebola virus would be left to decide the fate of humanity. 

Transhumanists disguise the fact that their philosophy is based on eugenics by using terms such as “liberal eugenics” and “Reprogenetics”. These are both types of voluntary eugenics with the individual choosing whether to use the techniques and technology. In the transhumanist’s claim that their “liberal eugenics” will lead to a better society, one can clearly see the collectivist core at the heart of their movement.

“Some disability activists would call these policies eugenic, but society may have a legitimate interest in whether children are born healthy or disabled, leading it to subsidize the birth of healthy children, without actually outlawing or imposing particular genetic modifications.”

Now according to transhumanists, “society” has an interest in whether children are born healthy. The feelings of a mother who still loves her child despite him/her being disabled or unhealthy doesn’t matter as “society has a legitimate interest” in her child.

Transhumanists are prepared to disregard the individual’s thoughts and wishes for the “greater good” of society. While their “liberal eugenics” might not force people to become transhumanists, the fact is that any non-transhumanist will be so disadvantaged in this “technotopia” that they will either have to join them to exist in any meaningful way in society or they will simply become prey to a predatory technology elite.Malthusian Ideology

If the parallels with eugenics wasn’t bad enough, Transhumanist ideals also have parallels with Malthusian ideology. Transhumanist websites advocate the notion Malthusian notion of population control. From transtopia.org

“Choosing to remain childfree is both a rational, pragmatic decision and a powerful moral statement. This is especially true for women, whom evolution has disproportionately burdened with pregnancy, childbirth, and the bulk of the childrearing process. By saying ‘no’ to procreation, one rejects being just another link in life’s endless chain of births and deaths, just another runner in a mindless relay race. It is, in effect, a personal declaration of independence; a confirmation that one isn’t a means to an end, but an end in itself.”

From transhumanism.org

“The only long-term method of assuring continued growth of average income is some form of population control, whether spontaneous or imposed, limiting the number of new persons created per year.”

Yes, just say, “no” to procreation, then perhaps elitists like Henry Kissinger will deem the population control in your country of a high enough standard to not use food as a weapon against you. Maybe the transhumanists will find their own Margaret Sanger and introduce birth control centres for the “genetically inferior”. From an article on eugenics:

“ Sanger is known as a crusader for contraceptive rights; but few know that her concern for contraception was based firmly on concern for racial control. Her early work in impoverished environments led her to the belief that ‘genetically inferior’ persons should have less children, and that centers for birth control should be ‘wisely’ placed in neighborhoods which were impoverished, which also frequently happened to be in minority settings.”


The final realisation of transhumanism is “post-humanism”. Post humanism, according to the World Transhumanist Association is defined as, “possible future beings whose basic capacities so radically exceed those of present humans as to be no longer unambiguously human by our current standards.”

Ray Kurzweil, a leading figure in the transhumanist movement believes that the technology to produce everlasting life isn’t far off.  Kurzweil claims that a technology singularityin the near future will mean that AI or computer intelligence will vastly exceed the capabilities of human beings and that these technological advancements will see the beginning of everlasting life and the end of suffering for transhumanists.
Transhumanists believe that once post-humanism is reached they will become gods, impervious to disease and with the ability to live eternally. They are under the deluded assumption that once they become “post-human” they will achieve godhood.

“We are very fortunate to live in these technologically advanced times, for science may soon give us the means to actually fulfill this imperative; to take hedonism to its logical conclusion and create what so far has only been a desperate fantasy — heaven. A mechanized heaven where we ourselves will be the gods, masters of our own minds, bodies, and environment. Pain will be optional, and pleasure guaranteed.”

The scientific arrogance of transhumanist thought is compounded by sentences such as, “The flesh, like man, is something to be overcome.” Ironically, despite lambasting religion, they essentially use the same ideas as traditional religion to appeal to “new followers”. The idea of eternal life has been the cornerstone of Christianity and Islam since their inception. Also, it seems that if you want to everlasting life then the best way to do so is donate cash. “There are myriad ways to contribute-…making a financial contribution”. Sounds like they have even taken their ideas from corrupt televangelists.

It cannot be argued that Enlightenment ideals have helped to prolong life expectancy and that many of the scientific endeavours undertaken since the Enlightenment have been of great value to humanity, however, one must question where technology and technology thinking is heading if human beings are to be considered obsolete in future. Even Bill Joy of SunMicrosystems has questioned if future technological advancements will signal the end of humanity

While undoubtedly, many of us enjoy aspects of scientific and technological advancement in our everyday lives, we must question a philosophical movement that has its roots so firmly entrenched in eugenics and population control. Although transhumanists may be operating under the delusion that advanced technology will make them gods, if a small scientific or wealthy elite who are proponents for population control get their hands on such technology, the rest of us will become all too aware of just how mortal we are.

What do you think of this article? Leave your opinions in the comment box below.

McCain Declines Secret Service

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Sorry right now I’m to busy to complete my latest blog called “The Elites Cult of Death” but its coming soon and in the mean time enjoy this Hilarius McCain video from the Onion.



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The Magic Bullet

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Magic Bullet

 The following is an excerpt from a book I highly recommend called “The JFK Assassination Debate:Lone Gunman versus Conspiracy.”by Prof.Michael L. Kurtz,published in 2006 by University Press of Kansas along with my own commentary.If this topic interests you but you don’t wont a long winded book and you wont the anylasis to be fare then please pick this up.

“One of the most critical pieces of evidence in the entire Kennedy assassination case,the bullet the warren commission called bullet 399,also found its evidentiary value destroyed by haphazard,careless,and neglectful handling. This was the bullet (supposedly) fired from Oswalds rifle that the commission claimed entred the back of JFKs neck,exited from the front of his throat,then entered Goevernor Conallys(The man directly in front of the president in the motorcade.)back,passed through his chest,exiting just below his right nipple,then entered the underside of his right wrist and exited from the top of it,and finally lodged in his left thigh…”

The strange discovery of Bullet 399 however made it unlikely that is had anything to do with the actual assassination  though the warren commission choose to believe it was the bullet that killed Kennedy.

(At the Hospital) “Darrell Tomlinson,a senior hospital engineer,got on the elevator and wheeled the now empty gurney Gov.Conally had been lay on into a corridor on the ground floor and placed it next to another gurney that had nothing to do with the assassination.The first gurney blocked the mens restroom.About 45 minutes later,Tomlinson, accompanied by his friend ,Nathan Pool, returned to the ground-floor corridor and noticed that the original gurney,not Conallys,was blocking the corridor because someone had used the mens room and had failed to return the gurney to its original position. When Tomlinson pushed that gurney back against the wall ,he and Pool noticed that a bullet,which had apparently been lodged under the mat,rolled out.”

That is literally how the bullet was found.And immediately after he informed the Secret Service Agent guarding JFKs body he was told to pick it up. He got O.P. Wright,the hospital security director to do it and that man took it to Agent Richard Johnsen who mearly put it in his pocket. No photograph of the exact spot it was found was taken,No one signed there initials on it,no one even though to pick it up with a handkerchief all standard practises in murder investigations of the time.

After several layers of people handling and miss-handling the missile it was used in the warren commission as evidence.That is if bullet 399 was even the original bullet found by Tomlinson.Agent Richard Johnsen and Secret service Director James Rowley,both of whom handled and observed the stretcher bullet,refused to identify bullet 399 as the one they turned over to the FBI.Even if they had it wouldint have mattered though since Tomlinson believed he had found the bullet on the other gurney not Conallys.

“Nevertheless, Warren Commission junior counsel Arlen Spector concluded that the bullet came from Governor Conallys stretcher. In his questioning of Darell Tomlinson ,Spector convinced the hospital engineer to admit the possibility that he found the bullet on Conallys strecher,even though Tomlinson originally believed that he had discovered it on the other gurney, one that had no connection to the assassination. In sharp prosecutorial tones, Specter interrogated Tomlinson almost as if he were a hostile witness,because Tomlinson’s original scenario had the bullet discovered on a gurney that had nothing to do with either President Kennedy or Governor Conally.This,of course, would have inevitably raised the possibility of the bullets having been planted,thereby demonstrating the existence of a conspiracy.”

After that Tomlinson spoke publicly about bullet 399 twice more and both times said he found it on the Gurney that had nothing to do with the assassination.

Now there is loads of things I could add for example how did bullet 399 change direction in mid-air and hit Governor Conally but I think the strange discovery and mishandling of the bullet alone is enough to convince most that there was indeed a Conspiracy.  Id like to add that Arlan Specter ,who is now a senator, almost single hadedly created the Magic bullet theory and had a great deal to do with the cover up.If you would like to “thank” him feel free to contact him using the information below:

Website: specter.senate.gov


Washington, D.C. Office:

711 Hart Senate Office Building SH-711
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20510-3802
Phone: (202) 224-4254
Fax: (202) 228-1229


Philadelphia Office: (more district offices

600 Arch St., #9400
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
Phone: (215) 597-7200
Fax: (215) 597-0406

WeAreChange confronts Arlen Specter and asks about the Kennedy Assassination and the Magic Bullet among other things: