The “Talmud of Immanuel” is a hoax.

(illuminazi who I described as a disinfo agent in an earlier blog has changed his name to siriusAhole on the infowars network but his tactics continue.He is constently refering to this document to prove that Chrisitianity is false but it is painfully clear to any sane person that it is a hoax read this blog and see for yourself.)



This book is the work of “Billy” Eduard Albert Meier who was born in Bülach, Switzerland in 1937. His rather obvious Biblical hoax has all the usual characteristics: no manuscript is available, the text only exists in modern translations, the “find story” is unlikely, and it contains anachronisms and obvious “prophecies after the event”. I find it interesting because it’s such a typical and predictable late-20th century Biblical hoax.

Meier makes extensive use of conspiracy theories to explain away the “holes in the script” — see “Hoax Characteristics”. Apparently, the conspiracy in this case consists of powerful Jewish and Christian leaders who are able to control police forces in the Middle East, as well as the Israeli army. The Mossad (Israeli intelligence) are part of it, capable of assassinating people anywhere on the Earth without leaving a trace. And so on.

Meier and his followers insist on misspelling “Immanuel” with an initial J instead of an I. The stated reason is that he was commanded to do so by space aliens. In my text, I refer to the manuscript as “TJ”.

Find story

The manuscript is said to have been found in 1963 by a “Greek catholic priest” (the terminology is uncertain, it might mean an Orthodox priest, or perhaps a Uniate, i.e. Eastern rite but Roman Catholic allegiance, I don’t know which) by the name Rashid. It was found in a hidden cave. Meier claims to have visited the cave with his friend Rashid. The two friends excavated it and found evidence supporting the genuineness of the manuscript. The manuscript consisted of four scrolls written in Aramaic. Rashid translated most of the text, which took until 1974. During the work, Rashid was persecuted by “the church” and Jews who were out to stop the publication of the manuscript. He was forced to flee from Jerusalem to Lebanon. The Palestinian refugee camp where he lived with his family was then subjected to a massive attack by Israeli military forces. The scrolls were taken by the Israelis and probably burned. Rashid found shelter in Bagdad, where he was subsequently assassinated by Israeli agents in 1977.

Some questions are pertinent to this find story:

  1. The location of the cave is not given. Why?
  2. Why are there no records of the alleged excavation, and no information about what finds were made and how (in what scientific way) they supported the genuineness of the alleged scrolls?
  3. Why are we not given any information about Rashid? What was his full name? Where was he ordained? Under which bishop did he serve as a priest? The churches keep records which should verify at least that he existed.
  4. The letter from Rashid speaks of him travelling with his family. Where are they today? They ought to be able to verify some of the information about him.
  5. At which university did Rashid learn Aramaic? Universities keep records, so we should be able to verify not only that Rashid existed but also what subjects he studied.
  6. How did Rashid get to know Eduard Meier? Why did he select Meier and no-one else as his coworker in the manuscript publishing?
  7. Since he had the scrolls for 11 years, why did he not make a single photograph or xerox copy of them?
  8. How did “the church” and the Jews find out about his manuscript find?
  9. How could the “church” or the Jews know that the scrolls contained material that would be damaging to their religions, when not an iota of the material had been published and the only two people who had seen the scrolls were Rashid and Meier?
  10. Is it consistent with what we know of church and Israeli behaviour in other cases when faced with other manuscript finds, that they try to suppress them or murder the finders?

The answer to all these questions is simple and obvious. The cave, Rashid and the scrolls never existed.


The manuscript

According to the accompanying information, the document was written by Judas Iskarioth, the only true disciple of Jesus. All the Biblical gospels are fakes, censored to fit in with church dogma. The first of these forgeries is the gospel of Matthew, which is an altered version of Meier’s scrolls. In reality, this means that Meier has simply re-written the gospel of St Matthew to fit his own ideas. He borrows freely from other hoaxes and his own special contribution is the information that the events in Jesus’ life were orchestrated by aliens from another planet.

The text has a clear anti-Christian leaning, denying most of the central Christian teachings and putting words to that effect in Jesus’ mouth. This is even more outspoken in Meier’s own commentary to the text, where he expresses abject hate for the Christian religion, accusing churches of being power-hungry, ruthless, loveless, bloodthirsty oppressors. In Meier’s opinion, the purpose of the Bible isto hide the real truth about Jesus and fool people into obedience for ecclesiastical authorities, whereas the real Jesus was the son of a human woman and a space alien. Several passages in the text are obviously intended to explain away certain Christian ideas, e.g. the story of Saulus and his conversion which is dealt with at length in this “original gospel” whereas the story actually belongs in the Acts of the Apostles, written by Luke. Other characteristics of the text are also typical for hoaxes, e.g.

  • Jesus travelled to India before his work in Palestine.
  • Jesus did not die on the cross.
  • After fleeing the grave, Jesus again travelled to India.
  • The Essenes are said to be a secret order. (Here, they seek to enroll Jesus who declines to join.)
  • Jesus preaches reincarnation.

There are plenty of anachronisms, e.g.

  • “The laws of nature”, a concept formulated in renaissance times.
  • “The horn-bearing kings” denotes the peoples of Scandinavia, later Vikings — who did not wear horns at all.
  • “Five hundred million” and other large numbers occur; ancient texts never mention such large numbers, anything beyond a hundred thousand or so is “a myriad” or “countless as the stars”.
  • The appearance of Muhammed is predicted, by name. He will appear in 500 years from now, says Jesus. This is radically different from all OT and NT prophecies which are never that precise. The prophecies about Jesus, for instance, do not say anything about the time distance from the prophecy to its fulfillment, nor do they give his name or address. Clearly, this is a prophecy after the event.
  • Other prophecies after the event are abundant, e.g. the Second World War and bomb planes.

Any further analysis of the TJ text is quite superfluous. Even a cursory glance reveals that it has all the characteristics of a hoax, and wherever a more in-depth analysis is attempted, the forgery merely becomes more obvious. However, if you want some fun, do look at the next subject too, where retired professor Jim Deardorff tries to prove that TJ is a genuine manuscript, and fails in a rather spectacular way!


9 Responses to “The “Talmud of Immanuel” is a hoax.”

  1. One must remember that who learned away the teachings you now have been exercising on this blog, was simply learned away for this exact reason…To give ppl opinions before they even look at the stories is not just foolish,but hypocritical…When seeking truth, one must allways be open minded so the inner intuition can respond to what is important and truthful—Simply, you cant judge someone if you dont know them ! You cannot seek knowledge and just take whatever the next guy gives you for truth, that knowledge again, has to be felt and dealt with..Ignorance is NOT a bliss;)


    (TWEAK-This is no doubt a comment from illuminazi (siriusAhole) and let me say it was written in a tone he has never once used on the infowars network,He uselly is quite angry, becuase he is trying to sway my other readers to his side,weak.Hes lucky Im even going to alow this comment on my blog.)

  2. Actually, I’am not this guy, illuminazi you are reffering to…My name is Stig and this is my second post here…I have Billy Meier on google alert(because i have done my research enough to say that Albert Eduard Meier is NOT a hoax! And therefor watch everyone else who says he is, like you did…I saw your post and commented it with the same lines i have commented other ppl…A rotten seed cannot grow into a flower!

    And im very sorry if this offended you. I simply want ppl to understand history, symbolism and mystics enough to see that ALLl is controlled by some powersick ppl who has made this nice little world for us…GOD IS & ALLWAYS HAS BEEN; AUTHORITY!

    When doing research, as i’ve stated above; one has to be open minded when analyzing a subject…One can’t simply take a mans word for granted…Do the research and you WILL see…The truth will ALLWAYS set you free—Or is it too hard for you to use google..? as i said, IGNORANCE IS NOT A BLISS;)

    *btw, im not even on InfoWars*

  3. Sorry if I crowd up this blog of yours, but seriously…you dear to say this: How could the “church” or the Jews know that the scrolls contained material that would be damaging to their religions, when not an iota of the material had been published and the only two people who had seen the scrolls were Rashid and Meier? -OFC they are scared of loosing their faith to millions of ppl…And if you don’t think the church and other religous cults have done everything they can in their power, to maintain the faith to several millions! You are sadly mistaken…History proves everything Meier says…If you look at our scholars of our time you will see with more clarity..Michael Tsarion can help you there..Stay away from the reptilian missinfo tho. Like that female: Arizona Wilder.. fragile mind, poor thing…Alot of crazy ppl out there…simply go with you inner logic:)

  4. Maybe are not illuminazi and maybe you are not.If you are you are Definatley trying your best to be civil which is very uncharicteristic of you. In fact it is so uncharicteristic of illuminazi ro be civil with anyone who questions his beliefs that I tend to believe you are not him.
    Though I believe this is a strong case against the T of I and dont believe in it one ioda I thank you for being calm and some what articulate,those are virtues some of your fellow brethern dont seem to comprhend.
    For example this illuminazi idiot is ALWAYS attacking Christianity and by and large I have ignored it but when I posted this blog on the infowars network he became a complete ass. Tolerance is a virtue he also doesint have.

  5. Hello again.

    OK, happily, im not him…Nor would I ever become such cruel being…So you don’t belive in it, thats your thing…All I can say is that the quotes from Meier(allegedly from Semjase and some others) is the most logic info out there….and i have been digging around for 3years now….Before these years, i was a little badass spreading fear more or less, ignorant as hell… I can say that, because i feel it…I look back at my youth and see how stupid i was, when it comes to manners and everything…I really dont want to go into detail of my life, but all i can say is, it started with cropcircles..Even if cropcircles are fake or not, it started a kinda opening, witch led to some history reading about religions,symbols,mystics,astro theology, astronomi and mythology etc…All I can say, is that this Meier case is the most obvious and most logical, and last but not least the most harmless message ever: You are a vibrant creature…


  6. Well because of your calm mannner I will respect your oppioun.

  7. Peace 🙂 Musica Universalis – Plejos.

  8. Dont speak the spanish or is that Latin?Anyway stig be sure to check out my other blog entrys,you might find them illuminating.

  9. Just look up the word…Musica Universalis means: Celestial spheres of energy…Plejos means: We are many…Anywho…I use those words beacause it might get ppl to understand more…F.ex. You know what chi is…Japan calls it Ki…If you don’t know what it is, i suggest you look it up:)

    If using a vibe detector on youself, it will detect vibrasions from you, in other words; you are a vibrant being. The astral is at a ultraviolet frequenzy, that means you have energy(i.e. you ARE energy) And energy does not die, therefor reincarnation is likely to be true…

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