The Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet

 The following is an excerpt from a book I highly recommend called “The JFK Assassination Debate:Lone Gunman versus Conspiracy.”by Prof.Michael L. Kurtz,published in 2006 by University Press of Kansas along with my own commentary.If this topic interests you but you don’t wont a long winded book and you wont the anylasis to be fare then please pick this up.

“One of the most critical pieces of evidence in the entire Kennedy assassination case,the bullet the warren commission called bullet 399,also found its evidentiary value destroyed by haphazard,careless,and neglectful handling. This was the bullet (supposedly) fired from Oswalds rifle that the commission claimed entred the back of JFKs neck,exited from the front of his throat,then entered Goevernor Conallys(The man directly in front of the president in the motorcade.)back,passed through his chest,exiting just below his right nipple,then entered the underside of his right wrist and exited from the top of it,and finally lodged in his left thigh…”

The strange discovery of Bullet 399 however made it unlikely that is had anything to do with the actual assassination  though the warren commission choose to believe it was the bullet that killed Kennedy.

(At the Hospital) “Darrell Tomlinson,a senior hospital engineer,got on the elevator and wheeled the now empty gurney Gov.Conally had been lay on into a corridor on the ground floor and placed it next to another gurney that had nothing to do with the assassination.The first gurney blocked the mens restroom.About 45 minutes later,Tomlinson, accompanied by his friend ,Nathan Pool, returned to the ground-floor corridor and noticed that the original gurney,not Conallys,was blocking the corridor because someone had used the mens room and had failed to return the gurney to its original position. When Tomlinson pushed that gurney back against the wall ,he and Pool noticed that a bullet,which had apparently been lodged under the mat,rolled out.”

That is literally how the bullet was found.And immediately after he informed the Secret Service Agent guarding JFKs body he was told to pick it up. He got O.P. Wright,the hospital security director to do it and that man took it to Agent Richard Johnsen who mearly put it in his pocket. No photograph of the exact spot it was found was taken,No one signed there initials on it,no one even though to pick it up with a handkerchief all standard practises in murder investigations of the time.

After several layers of people handling and miss-handling the missile it was used in the warren commission as evidence.That is if bullet 399 was even the original bullet found by Tomlinson.Agent Richard Johnsen and Secret service Director James Rowley,both of whom handled and observed the stretcher bullet,refused to identify bullet 399 as the one they turned over to the FBI.Even if they had it wouldint have mattered though since Tomlinson believed he had found the bullet on the other gurney not Conallys.

“Nevertheless, Warren Commission junior counsel Arlen Spector concluded that the bullet came from Governor Conallys stretcher. In his questioning of Darell Tomlinson ,Spector convinced the hospital engineer to admit the possibility that he found the bullet on Conallys strecher,even though Tomlinson originally believed that he had discovered it on the other gurney, one that had no connection to the assassination. In sharp prosecutorial tones, Specter interrogated Tomlinson almost as if he were a hostile witness,because Tomlinson’s original scenario had the bullet discovered on a gurney that had nothing to do with either President Kennedy or Governor Conally.This,of course, would have inevitably raised the possibility of the bullets having been planted,thereby demonstrating the existence of a conspiracy.”

After that Tomlinson spoke publicly about bullet 399 twice more and both times said he found it on the Gurney that had nothing to do with the assassination.

Now there is loads of things I could add for example how did bullet 399 change direction in mid-air and hit Governor Conally but I think the strange discovery and mishandling of the bullet alone is enough to convince most that there was indeed a Conspiracy.  Id like to add that Arlan Specter ,who is now a senator, almost single hadedly created the Magic bullet theory and had a great deal to do with the cover up.If you would like to “thank” him feel free to contact him using the information below:



Washington, D.C. Office:

711 Hart Senate Office Building SH-711
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20510-3802
Phone: (202) 224-4254
Fax: (202) 228-1229


Philadelphia Office: (more district offices

600 Arch St., #9400
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
Phone: (215) 597-7200
Fax: (215) 597-0406

WeAreChange confronts Arlen Specter and asks about the Kennedy Assassination and the Magic Bullet among other things:


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