This is a blog I originally posted on my infowars profile about a David Icke crazed idiot named illuminazi:


Illuminazi always says he has sources and evidence for his claims but has anyone really pressed him to prove it?

Well I just did. Illuminazi claimed he had sources for his belief but in spite of my asking him to reveal these sources for nearly 3 hours he refused to.He also tryed to use several tricks to discredit me such as acusing me of playing a game and noning his sources all along among other things.These tricks no doubt are taught to government paid disinformation agents,I dont have sources for that that we call an assumption illuminazi.

Heres the thing I was calling into question his credibility.Logicly he would have posted his “sources” realatively soon to prove me wrong and to thus keep what little credibility he already had but he did not.This can lead to only two conclusions,he is a Disinfo agent or he is a fucking liar who need to learn to shut up when he doesint have a clue.You deside.

Below is the complete conversation which you can also read on the group “Free Tibet down with the red commie scum”,Please note  that this conversation was on and off for three hours and in that time  he did not once give any sources.



illuminazi:tweak, you obviously have mental issues. go take it up with someone else, I’m bored.

Tweak:So rather then prove me wrong and vindicate yourself you would rather give a half answer and leave it at that? Wow thats weak,so sad you cant admit you dont have anything.

illuminazi:you can figure it out.

illuminazi:I believe I told you where to get my sources long ago…my blogs and groups.

Tweak:Hilarious you continue not to reveal your “source”.

illuminazi:are you still mad about the Staged Crucifixion group?

Tweak:But hey no matter what you do you have given me quite a nice body of post to use in a blog about your constant assertion that you have evidence for your beliefs.Thanks!!!

Tweak:I have asked you several times politely. Frankly there is no logical reason for you not to reveal your sources considering I am calling into question your whole notion of “having evidence” for all the shit you pull out of your ass and post on this site. Every minute you do not post your “sources” My argument that you are a liar and a disinfo agent becomes stronger and it been well over 100 minutes.
Again anyone can go through all these posts and know I speak the truth here.

illuminazi:say please.

Tweak:Must we continue this dance? Why not admit you have no sourses and end it?Or you could just shut you fucking lieing mouth,either ways fine! But again post the sources you have for the belief that the Dalai Lama is NWO as you aserted earlier.
Again I ask anyone reading this to go back and note how longI have been asking and not recieving these sources illuminazi clams to have.

illuminazi:what would you like to know exactly tweak?

Tweak:You have not mentioned one source and anyone can look through the posts. It is rather sad that to cover your own ass you would accuse me of playing a game. The only game being played here is called “Tell everyone you have sources and then hope no one notices that you lied”.Its loads of fun.

Illuminazi:you know my sources, boy. quit playing games.


ENDisNIGH:This is also one of the few things I must say that I agree with Illuminazi on. The Dali Lama is diabolical.

Tweak:This is the first Ive heard of that and after pressing you for over 30 minutes I some how doubt it to be true.Why not present them here and prove me wrong?

illuminazi:whats funny is that I am typing to you after your behavior the past 2 days and talkin shit for over a month. my sources are within the information in my blogs and groups.

tweak:Its funny that you are critizing my posts tone while Im mearly asking you to present your sources. Quit staling,either present your sources or admit you dont have any.

illuminazi:don’t like that one either I’m afraid…too much arrogance. try again.

Tweak:I am asking you for these mythical “sources” you claim to have. Present them.

illuminazi:I just don’t like how you asked me, period.

tweak:Notice how when you press an agent of disinfo for evidence they can not but instead turn to character assasination.

illuminazi:I have EVIDENCE that tweak is a hermaphrodite. Please look in my blogs and groups.

tweak:Who are these credible sources? That would be a second hand kind of evidence which is not exactly trust worthy but its better then the nothing you have presented here.

illuminazi:never said I had “evidence” that the Dali Lama was NWO, I said I learned it from credible people/sources…. the sources that you call hoaxes and liars without researching. so quit talkin already ya pimply ass punk. lol. you are such an annoying little nerd.

Tweak:Show us your evidence please,or you should shut the fuck up.

Tweak:Interesting but I wouldint call that evidence. If you actually have any evidence Im sure others,not me according to you,would fined it useful.

illuminazi:why so you can disagree with it and call it a hoax like an annoying jackass… you’re an idiot! yesterday you told everyone to eat as many soy products as possible, trying to poison your fellow humans because you hate yourself? You remind me of Adolf Hitler you little crybaby.

Tweak:So why have you not posted your “evidence”? Is it because you dont have any?

Illuminazi:____, ___.

Tweak:Either Post your evidence or shut the fuck up.Thanks.

Illuminazi:for you personally, yes. for anyone else that would like to know, no.

tweak:Would that be your evidence then?

Illuminazi:eat a bowl of dick.

Tweak:Show use your evidence then instead of endlessly post “seemingly” crazy BS all the time.

Illuminazi: it is not my opinion that he(The Dalai Lama) is NWO, it is what I learned from research and credible sources that don’t mess around. people tend to think I am going around spreading information that I conjured up in my head or something. if I didn’t know this information my opinion would be that he is a nice guy, from the looks of him… and my opinion would be incorrect.



  1. its really pathetic and annoying az fuck dealing with a liar, my advice don’t even join in the banter with them, az they get off on it.

    shame really cause they really discredit and contribute to the problem rather than the solution.

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